Report Your Horizontal Tribe Blessings

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Currently, horizontal tribe blessings are reported only on the . It is no longer necessary to report or upload blessings to the international HTMA website.Report Your Horizontal Tribe Blessings

There are two parts to the reporting process:

  1. Report the number and types of blessings you have accomplished
  2. Upload a spreadsheet containing the names, blessing dates, and other information about the people you have blessed

Reporting the numbers and types of your blessings

Even if you aren't ready to upload a spreadsheet with information about your blessings, please report the numbers and types of blessings as soon as possible. Even a small number is an important offering that gets added to the report to True Mother.

  1. Go to the TribeNet website and log in. If you don't already have a tribenet account, you can create one on the login page.

  2. Click Login.

    Be sure to use the same email each time you connect to tribenet. If you forgot your password, you can search "tribenet password" in your email for it, or request a new one on this page.

  3. Click on this link: https://tribenet.co/enter-your-blessings-below/ if you haven't already.
    This will open the reporting screen. If you have logged in, some of the information will be automatically filled in from your records. Fill in any missing information and correct any information. However, please don't change your email address. If there is a mistake there, please contact your district or sub-region HTM coordinator. (See below for Sub-Region 5). If you aren't sure of which subregion you belong to, please see this map.

  4. Fill in or correct your information. However, don't change your email, since it is used to identify your account. To change it, contact your District or Sub-Regional HTM coordinator.

  5. Report the total number of your blessings and upload a spreadsheet of your blessings if you have one ready. This page has information on preparing your spreadsheet. For information on what blessings qualify in the various categories, see the TribeNet FAQ and the Blessing Standards.

  6. Report the total number of your blessings here.

  7. Report the categories that are included in your blessings and information about any blessings you have from the 1990s.

  8. Click the categories that apply and if you are claiming any blessings from the 1990s, enter the requested information in that section.

  9. Enter the number of blessings you are claiming in the special categories and enter the additional information requested.

  10. Report numbers and other information for each special category.

  11. Click Submit. Your report is completed!

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