Step-by-Step Guide to Ancestor Liberation

Many questions about the liberation process are answered on the HJ ChoenBo page here and in the SR5 Ancestor Liberation FAQ

  1. If you have not done so, go to the HJ CheonBo website and register there. This must be done separately for husband and wife.

    Click Join to register.

    Click here if you have already signed up, but have forgotten your login or password.

  2. In the Menu, click Essentials > My Ancestor Liberation and Blessing Records to request your records.

    Click here.

    Example record

    At the bottom of the first page, you can click to see other pages of your records.

  3. Determine what generations of ancestors still need to be liberated.

    This person’s Father’s side has been liberated only up to 112 generations. 430 generations must be liberated on the Father’s side, Mother’s Side, Grandmother on the Father’s side, and Grandmother on the Mother’s side for both husband and wife.

    Please note that even though this record shows that generations have been liberated, it could be that only a partial donation was made and that the full donation must be made to complete the liberation before further generations can be liberated. If you think this might be the case, please contact the CheonBo international office at cpintl2013@gmail.com.

    If there are partial donations, a special Back Payment form must be used to pay them. This form can be downloaded here.

    All partial donations must be paid in full before liberating or blessing additional generations.

  4. Once you have determined which generations need to be liberated, use the calculator at this link to calculate the donation to liberate those generations.

            A. Click International.

            B. Click OK (bottom).

            C. Select all boxes for which you will apply for Ancestor Liberation.

            D. Click Calculate.

            E. The total amount will be displayed at the bottom left.

  5. Download and fill out this Liberation and Blessing form.

  6. Email the form to cpintl2013@gmail.com to verify that you have filled it out correctly and the donation amount is correct.

  7. Once the amount is confirmed, send the donation via bank wire, using the information in Item 5, Section 4 on this page: https://en.hjcbt.org/subpage.php?p=blessing2

    Bank wire information

  8. Do the conditions for Ancestor liberation mentioned in Item 3 on this webpage.

    Information on conditions

  9. Be sure to keep copies of the form and the check or bank wire receipt for your personal records.

  10. The HJ Cheonbo International office will notify you by email when the form and payment have been received and when the liberation/blessing you have applied is held. It is recommended that you email the Cheonbo International office requesting an updated record so that your record is always current.