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Steps to CheonBo Registration: Updated with How to Use the website!

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FAQ about the Full Blessing Donation

Tribenet Memo about Full Blessing Donation Waiver for 160 Couples blessed in 1990s Campaigns:   

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Submitting your Ancester Blessing Certificate

  1. How to get your certificate

  2. How to upload your certificate

Step-by-step guide for reporting blessings

Steps to CheongBo Won registration

Spreadsheet for reporting blessings

Long journey? Need inspiration? Listen to the end (10 min)

Mother's 10-minute message on Registering in CheonBo Won

Ancestor Liberation and Blessing Guides

Step-by-Step Guide to Ancestor Liberation:   English Version     Japanese Version

Ancestor Liberation FAQ:   English Version     Japanese Version

One-Page SR5 Resources to Help You for Ancestor Liberation

English Version  English PDF Version  Japanese Version  Japanese PDF Version

Recordings of Ancestor Liberation Tribe Calls

April 6, 2020

April 13, 2020

Current Ancestor Blessing Form and HJ CheonBo Contact Information

Other Resources

How to Proclaim from Rev. Krishnek

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