Steps to CheonBo Won Registration

Japanese version (Not up-to-date)

  1. Become a Proclaimer
  2. If you are a TribeNet Premium member, you can go to this link: Become a proclaimer. Otherwise, please contact your HTM coordinator for help with this. For SR5, contact David Roberts at the email or phone number below.

  3. Become a Blessing officiator
  4. Go to this link: Become an officiator

  5. Bless and report your horizontal 430 to Tribenet.co
  6. Liberate and Bless your ancestors
  7. Step-by-step guide: English Version     Japanese Version

  8. Submit your blessing certificate to Tribenet.co
    1. Get your certificate
    2. Upload your certificate

  9. Submit Blessing donation fee
  10. Set up and receive evaluation interview
  11. Create Cheonbov.org account and upload documents

Contact us!

Do you have questions about the CheonBo Registration Process? Contact:

David Roberts
Email: sr5tribe@gmail.com
Phone: (253) 693-8860
Line: davidsroberts