Tribenet Memo about Full Blessing Donation Waiver for 160 Couples Blessed in 1990s Campaigns

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Dearest Brothers and Sisters!

Thank you all for your sincere hearts in preparing for the CheonBo Won.

As you know, True Mother has continued to encourage our HTM’s to complete their responsibility in Tribal Messiahship. In the most recent ipeaceTV update we were reminded of her promise to God and True Father to register all Blessed Families into the CheonBo Won Hall of Honor. Here, their faith story and tribe genealogy will be preserved for the many generations to come. In her own words:

"We are building the CheonBo Won [Genealogy Center] so that your devotions and hard work can be reported to Heaven, and you can leave behind a record of your results. I pray that all of you here today can become filial children and loyal patriots that can enter into the records there."

Previously, it was announced that the donation requirement for registering for the CheonBo Won was that all Blessed couples within your tribe are required to offer a $20 Blessing donation. In total, $8,600 for a tribe of 430 couples.

We have been informed by the International CheonBo Team that 160 couples blessed during the 1990’s Blessing campaigns will have their Blessing donations waived.

This means that if your tribe includes at least 160 blessings given during the 1990’s campaign, the total donations required to offer will be reduced to $5,400. The amount can also be reduced further by $20 per couple for those couples who gave a Blessing donation for participation in a Blessing officiated by True Parents.

We hope that this explanation is clear. The method for you to offer this important Cheon Bo Won registration donation will be announced at a later date.

If you have any further questions, you can contact your local HTM Coordinator at the following link: https://tribenet.co/coordinator/

You can also contact the TribeNet team at evangelism@unification.org

God Bless you, your family, and your tribe,

Rev. Demian Dunkley, President
Rev. Miilhan Stephens, Director TribeNet

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